Team Building

Team Building

There are many traditional options available to help foster teamwork, but no activity is a better fit for this than D&D. Role playing has been extensively studied, and here are four well-established cognitive/social benefits* of the game that make them ideal to energize and challenge your team:

1. Creativity

D+D presents players with monsters, traps, puzzles and deadly environments. The path to success involves creative responses to those environments. No two groups respond the same way. Unlike board games and many video games, the open-ended nature of D+D necessitates creativity and problem solving. Players have to manage their resources (equipment, weapons, spells), avoid encounters they can’t handle (D+D doesn’t “scale” encounters to the party, you can meet enemies you have to flee) and outwit their opponents.


2. Investment

When role playing a character one does not “become” the character, but players have a well-established tendency to become invested in the fate of their character. This creates excitement at the table, and this sort of visceral experience of risk through investment in a character builds confidence and creates a feeling of shared achievement.


3. Cooperation

D+D is structured so the required elements for success are distributed amongst the character classes, in essence to be successful you have to learn how to cooperate with your fellow party members, sharing the risk and the reward.


4. Communication

Players must communicate with each other and the game master in order to understand what challenges they face and to coordinate their actions to achieve success. It is often easier to talk to others while role playing a character than it is to do so “as yourself”. One well known aspect of role playing games is that players who are normally quiet or shy will come out of their shells when playing a character.

What You Do:

Online Games

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In Person Games

1 - Email to book a time

2- Provide the venue and any food and drink.

3 - A table of some kind is required, as well as chairs for all participants + the Game Master.

4 - If you are booking a venue it is important to remember that D+D is a game where the participants talk to each other pretty much the whole time, so it can’t be too loud.


Half Day Session: $300 per participant, 8 person max.

Full Day Session: $500 per participant, 8 person max.

If your group is larger than 8, email us for pricing.

For a custom-made quest add $500 / For a full-debrief report add $500

*For Sources see our Reference Page

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