Mission Statement

Fantasy Gaming Comes Alive…

Dungeons and Dragons is one of the most iconic and most popular tabletop role playing games (TTRPGs) in history. A unique combination of wargames and role-playing, it has captured the imagination of a generation. However, to run a successful Dungeons and Dragons game would require you to amass years of experience learning the game and playing.


Not anymore.


Now you can experience the game with a seasoned Dungeon Master, for any of a number of events, no experience with the game or with role-playing in general.  We run games for children’s birthdays, adult games, week long gaming camps, corporate team building games and instructional seminars if you want to learn the game.


Prepare for adventure…

Black Dragon Games is built on the idea that table top role playing games are a unique, fun and beneficial experience. In an increasingly technologically focused time, when people spend as much time on their phones as they do talking to others, the social dimension of TTRPG’s is a breath of fresh air. TTRPG’s require communication and collaboration, no one survives the dungeon alone: D+D is a vibrantly social game.


D+D is exciting at it allows you to be someone else, or be a different version of you! Role playing has been recognized as a therapeutic tool for years, given how visceral and immersive it can be. In recent years it has also been recognized as a cognitive tool, D+D requires a combination of strategy, tactics and cunning, adapting to a wild, fantastic world where you are frequently overmatched. People transform at the table, invested in their character or just lost in the story.


However, unlike other tabletop games, D&D requires one special participant - the Referee or Dungeon Master to run the game.  For many who wish to play or D&D there is a strong lack of good and knowledgeable DMs who are willing and able to put in the time, effort and expertise required to run a really successful D&D game.


We can provide you with a skilled GM and make the game world come to life for you and your friends.


The makers of Dungeons and Dragons were themselves immersed in the fantastic literature of their time, D+D was inspired by Tolkien, Moorcock, Vance and Howard: Conan, Elric and Gandalf inspired this great game, and it taps into mythology and folklore to create a powerful game setting that plays like Game of Thrones meets Stranger Things. As a mash up of pop culture and mythology, it resonates with people from all walks of life.


In short, D+D is a sword and sorcery engine, and our mission at Black Dragon Games it fire it up for you to make a game that is unique and exciting. Open the doors to your imagination, grab your sword and come make some myths with us.