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Ian Slater has been hosting a D&D game for our son Daniel and his friends for a number of years now. Daniel absolutely loves it! He's even planning to become a DM and start hosting his own game for some of his friends. D&D is a great way for kids to play together and exercise their imagination. You should definitely give Ian's games a try!

Kate M - Toronto, ON
My 10 year old son wanted to try D & D out and we were lucky to have Ian DM a game for a group of 6 kids. The kids had a blast while learning the importance of teamwork, practicing problem solving, math skills and throwing fire balls. Ian is a walking encyclopedia of D & D.  He doesn’t refer to books as he’s teaching it; he has all the knowledge in his head! He has such deep passion for the game that you immediately pack your bags and you’re off on the adventure with him. We’ve done it twice now and I can’t wait for the next journey!

Sue H - Toronto, ON

If you are in Toronto and you want to play D&D, this is a good way to start. Highly recommended.

​Hugh M - Toronto

"Ian lead an awesome one hour workshop with my class. He explained all of the mechanics of the game thoroughly and really brought Dungeons and Dragons to life for my students.  I would highly recommend his workshops to get your kids excited about D and D!" 

Allister, Grade 6 educator 

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Photos from a recent game, 4 players, aged 10 - they kicked butt!
Laying out the gaming materials before a week long summer camp game, character sheets, module, supporting materials, game master's screen, dice and rule books all ready to rock!